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Artificial Christmas Trees Bring Ease And Convenience To Holiday Decorating
March 28th, 2017

The History of A Christmas Carol

There is nothing more festive than having a freshly cut Christmas tree in the house. The aroma of the pine says “Happy Holidays” like almost nothing else. Of course, there is the chilly trip to a tree lot to choose that perfect holiday icon. Then there is the process of loading it onto the car, driving home on a wing and a prayer that the tree will remain in place until you get to your driveway, and getting the tree into the home without breaking any valuables or losing any needles from the branches. Once the tree is up and decorated, you must constantly check the water level to ensure that your fresh tree does indeed stay fresh. Finally, once the holidays have ended, you will need to undecorated your tree, remove it from your living room and possibly load it back onto your car for proper disposal. Let’s face it; fresh Christmas trees can be a lot of work and mess, which is undoubtedly why artificial Christmas trees have gained popularity over the decades.

Manmade Beauty

Today’s artificial Christmas trees can be quite lifelike in appearance. Some will have needles that are sturdy and pointed like a real spruce tree, rather than offering an image of a bristle brush like so many artificial Christmas trees of the past. You can also purchase artificial Christmas trees that are pre-strung with light strands, saving you the hassle and frustration of stringing your own. The other fun in artificial Christmas trees is that you can choose from an assortment of styles and colors to match your holiday décor in any theme. Don’t like the traditional look of an evergreen? Why not check out the selection of pink and white feather trees that are lining the shelves of Christmas stores today? You can even find wreaths for your door in matching colors and styles. Another popular look is to buy a flocked tree that looks as though it has been standing out in a snowy meadow. Only without the puddle of water collecting on your living room carpet!

Trends through the Ages

In the middle of the last century, aluminum trees came on the scene and offered variety to the many Christmas decorators of the time. No longer were you limited by green trees, when selections were abundant in silver, blue and pink. A few years ago, upside down artificial Christmas trees became the rage. These trees would either set into stands on the ground or suspend from the ceiling. Upside down artificial Christmas trees made a fun focal point to many homes, and the additional space underneath the tree made a convenient space for housing presents. Another big trend today are the pre-lit artificial Christmas trees that come in a variety of colors and styles, taking much of the extra work out of your holiday decorating.

With the versatility and ease of the artificial Christmas tree, there is little doubt that this holiday tradition will be a popular one for many years to come. Artificial Christmas trees can add fun and creativity to your holiday decorating.