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March 30th, 2017

Put Your House in Order

The purpose of the website is to supply books in ebook form to readers at a reasonable price. Books can be downloaded in any one of three ways; Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader or Mobipocket Reader.

Pros: Ebooks.com is providing an excellent service. Many times people cannot afford to buy hard copies of Christian books that they want to read and this service makes all books very affordable even for those who are limited incomes. The fact that the books can be read using hand held devices makes them very valuable to those who lead very busy lives and must spend time traveling of waiting.

Ebooks.com has been in business since January of 1997. It was founded by Stephen Cole who is a lifetime bibliophile.

Cons: Reading on a computer screen is hard on the eyes but the books are so reasonably priced that it almost makes eye-strain worthwhile.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered by . However, all books can be previewed before they are purchased. Excepts can be read online.

Value for money: provides an excellent value to customers. The ebooks that are available for download are the best of the best in all categories and there is no waiting for delivery.

Where to buy: Religion Section