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Getting Creative With Cheese In The Kitchen
May 29th, 2017

Cottage Cheese: A Healthy, Nutritious Alternative to Other Cheeses

Cheese is a food that is made from the milk of cow, goat, buffalo, or sheep by coagulation. There are hundreds of types out there with different molds, styles, textures, and colors. The flavors can also be very different depending on the kind of milk used, the kind of bacteria added, the length of processing, and the length of aging. Herbs, spice, and wood smoke are also used as flavoring agents sometimes.

The Origins of this Unique Dairy Ingredient

The word cheese comes from the Latin word caseus. The earliest sources of the word is said to be the proto-Indo-European root word kwat- which means “to ferment, to become sour.” Cheese is an ancient food and it existed prior to recorded history. The art of cheesemaking was sophisticated by the time the Roman Empire came into being. The earliest forms were probably sour, salty and crumbly like cottage cheese and the Greek feta.

Using Cheese in Cooking

Blue cheese, Roquefort, and Manchego are so flavorful that you can just serve them as appetizers on their own along with some crackers. A platter with a variety of cheeses and meat products like sliced sausage and ham makes an excellent appetizer during any party or meal.

You can also crumble flavorful cheese onto salads. For example, an exotic and delicious salad you can make consists of baby spinach, dried cranberry, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Also don’t forget about the traditional Greek salad, which consists of feta, oregano, Kalamata olives, red onion, green pepper, tomatoes, and cucumber.

Cheese is also an excellent ingredient for saucy dishes like fondue, which consists of a variety of cheese, flour, white wine, and seasonings. It is easy to make and delicious with some crusty pieces of bread. Don’t forget to add cheese to sandwiches as well. For a delicious sandwich that is not your average grilled sandwich, put turkey breast, sliced tomato, pesto mayonnaise (pesto sauced mixed with mayonnaise), and swiss cheese on sliced bread with a little butter. Grill the sandwich on a frying pan and you have yourself a unique and delicious sandwich!

You can also make interesting homemade pizza. Don’t stick with the usual mozzarella. Try using different types of cheeses such as feta or blue cheese to make a more flavorful pizza. Top the pizza with wild mushrooms and garlic for a different twist. Tex mex is another type of food that revolves around dairy products. You can quickly and easily make delicious chicken and cheddar quesadillas at home with basil sour cream.

As you can see, cheese is a very versatile ingredient. Try experimenting with different kinds of this delicious and hearty ingredient and test new recipes so you can come up with unique, tasty dishes each day. Don’t just stick with the usual grilled cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, and mozzarella sticks. Get creative with this flavorful ingredient so you can wow your friends and family with some new cheesy treats.