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Putting On A Bridal Shower

Not everyone has bridal shower cakes at their own celebration, but they can make a stunning finishing touch to a wonderful evening. Professionally made cakes can be quite expensive, but there are ways that you can get around this cost if you ask around.

If you’d like a cake at your own do, then you can ask whoever is organizing it to look out for a good source to solve the problem. If there are a lot of people going, one of them might have the necessary skills to make bridal shower cakes with no problem at all.

What Kind of Cake?

This is the first question you need to answer. The main choices are fruit cake, which tends to be quite rich, and sponge cake, which can be a little sweet for some people. If the cake is going to have more than one tier then you can make one tier of each type, so that everyone will get to try the type of bridal shower cakes they like the most.

What About the Design?

Decorating bridal shower cakes can often be the hardest part. If you are going to do this part yourself it might be worth visiting a cake shop to see what accessories are available for decorating bridal shower cakes, as these can make life a lot easier.

The decoration is basically split into two parts – any physical decoration you add to it, such as small figures to represent the bride and her intended, and writing. You can buy writing icing now which makes this job a lot easier, but it’s still easier if you have a practice first, prior to icing the cake itself.

Transporting the Cake to the Venue

If you are making the cake for someone else, you need to ensure you can get it safely to the venue for the occasion without the bride to be seeing it. Make sure you arrive early and keep the cake on a proper cake board so that it doesn’t get spoilt and is easier to carry.

If there are going to be staff at the venue you can leave it with them, but only on the proviso that they will know exactly what to do and when, and it will be kept in a safe place. Bridal shower cakes can add an extra touch of finesse to any shower, and they can provide that extra special touch at the end of a successful evening.