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Putting On A Bridal Shower


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Hosting a great event means making sure your guests know how much you appreciate their taking the time out of their busy schedule to come and honor the bride-to-be and the new life that is about to be brought into the world. Nothing tells a guest how grateful you are for their company than to provide bridal shower favors for them.

Bridal Shower Favors on a Budget

Bridal shower favors need not be extravagant or costly. Simple party favors are welcome and desired – it's the thought that counts. Do some shopping at the Dollar Store for some fun, unusual gifts. Scented candles are always a welcome favor; nearly everyone appreciates the value of aromatherapy. Be careful; guests who are allergic to scents or particularly sensitive may not appreciate a bridal shower favor that is scented.

Another great bridal shower favor idea is a beautiful notebook with a special new pen – a journal. Write a personal note on the first page of every guest's journal, telling them how much you appreciated their coming to the shower.

Bridal Shower Favors Guests Can Eat

Bridal shower cookies and cupcakes make delicious bridal shower party favors. Make or purchase sugar cookie dough and use cookie cutters to create shapes in bridal themes: cakes, rings, gowns, tuxedoes, and umbrellas (for a shower theme). Or, you can decorate cupcakes in the color scheme of the wedding. You can find colorful toppers to put on the top of your cupcakes to reflect your bridal shower theme, or get a little bride and groom to top each cupcake, just like on a real wedding cake.

Other fun gifts are just miscellaneous things that you package together; enough everyday items packaged together make a special gift. Look for M&M candies, special guest soaps, rose petals, bath beads, mints, and other items. Wrap the items in silver or white netting, or in the colors of the wedding, with a matching ribbon for spectacular presentation.

When you give your guests a bridal shower favor, give it to them as they are about to leave, on their way out the door. Otherwise, your guests will have to tote their party favor around with them during the whole shower.

Personalized Gifts

These days you can buy just about anything with the name of the bride and groom on it. Although these favors are traditionally given out at the actual wedding and not at the shower, there is no reason you could not give personalized bridal shower favors away at the shower. Photo magnets, napkins, picture frames – all of these would make wonderful personalized bridal shower gifts.

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