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Putting On A Bridal Shower


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Having fun and bonding among girls during a bridal shower is the point of having one. Bridal shower activities will always center on the bride and the special day that is almost around the corner. The type of bridal shower activities that can happen will be up to whoever is organizing the shower. The bride can actually be the one to organize her own shower or she can be consulted regarding this. Surprise bridal showers are the traditional way to have them but in this day and age, having the bride organize her own shower is not uncommon.

What Usually Happens

During a bridal shower, female members of the wedding party are usually the ones who organize it. The first thing that usually occurs is the arrival of the bride. Some people will start the bridal shower activities with gift giving. Bridals showers usually have themes which coincide with rooms or parts of a house, for example, bedroom or bathroom. If bedroom is the theme for the shower, most gifts will center on items that are found in the bedroom or items that the bride will use in the bedroom.

Opening of the gifts is another of the traditional bridal shower activities practiced by females. This is usually a fun part because many of the gifts can be funny especially if the bridal shower is among friends. One thing to remember during this bridal shower activity is to take down the names of the gift givers and the item given. This will come in handy when you send out thank you cards or call to thank them later.

More ideas for bridal shower activities include manicures-pedicures, massages, games and others. These bridal shower activities can be held in a spa or a beauty salon which can be rented after hours. Instead of having a themed bridal shower, going to get a massage or a mani-pedi can be the bonding time you get with your friends. Going through old pictures with your close friends and reminiscing can also be included in the bridal shower activities. This is usually for the best of friends who have been friends since childhood.

Bridal shower activities enhance the closeness of the shower participants and also show the bride how much the guests care for her. A list of the proposed bridal shower activities can be listed down and depending on the mood and number of people present; you can choose which bridal shower activity is suitable.

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