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Beach Theme Bridal Shower Food
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Putting On A Bridal Shower


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Everyone seems to be able to come up with plenty of ideas for wedding favors, but when it comes to bridal shower favor ideas people tend to get a bit stuck. But it doesn’t need to be so tricky. So long as you bear a few basic rules in mind there is no reason why you can find plenty of bridal shower favor ideas to please the bride and everyone else present as well.

Where Do You Start?

The best place to start is to consider the overall theme of the party. Your bridal shower favor ideas can blend in with this theme, and it will give you a good place to start getting ideas from. The best gifts also keep the bride firmly in mind. For example, if the bride is fun loving and likes her candy, you could create a table where every place setting contains a cocktail glass filled with jelly beans or a similar type of candy that the bride loves.

Bridal shower favor ideas fall into two general groups. The first group is made up of fun and frivolous items or items that can be used up on the night. The second group contains items that are made to last, such as key chains or personalised notepads.

How Much Have You Got To Spend?

Budget is a huge factor in deciding on the type of bridal shower favor ideas you want to consider. If you are organising the party on the cheap and you want to save money, then you can think about making some homemade favors for everyone to have. If you are going to try this keep things simple and think about candy gifts or ideas that involve small and inexpensive items, such as candles or certain beauty products.

If this is the kind of thing you want to have it can often be cheaper to put them together yourself, and it also adds a personal touch to the proceedings. Don’t forget that if you are buying your favors elsewhere you may be able to take advantage of discounts for bulk orders.

Even if a bulk order demands that you buy a few more than you really need, consider it carefully as it often works out cheaper than buying a few less at the individual marked price. It also gives you a few spares. Bridal shower favor ideas are plentiful once you get your thinking cap on, so make sure you pick the best ones.

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