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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower

While celebrations for the bride prior to the big wedding day itself have become commonplace in todayís modern society, there are still some rules regarding bridal shower etiquette that should be followed. Perhaps the main one as far as the bride is concerned is to remember that itís not down to her to arrange the party.

As such, she should brace herself for whatever she walks into on the night. Her idea of a good time may not be the same as that of the person who is organizing it, although if the person responsible is the brideís best friend Ė or someone else very close to her that knows what she likes and what she doesnít Ė then she can expect not to be too surprised!

According to bridal shower etiquette, it is normally an immediate member of the family who does the arranging, although this isnít necessarily the case and quite often more than one person works out what the party will be doing and where they will go. This is often due to the time it can take to organize such an event. Itís much easier to spread the workload among several people.

What About Budget?

In America the same rules that apply to weddings in terms of meals apply to bridal shower etiquette too. Whoever is paying for the wedding makes sure that the catering covers everyone attending, and the same applies to a shower. This doesnít apply everywhere in the world however. Quite often in the UK for example people will all contribute to the cost of a meal. Once the bill arrives it will be equally split between all attending. It is important though that a rough cost is determined before the event, so that budgetary needs can be assessed.

What About Children?

There is no set bridal shower etiquette concerning the presence or absence of children. If the shower is at a restaurant then they might not attend, but if the shower takes the form of an all day barbecue then so long as it is women and girls only, they would be more than welcome.

Bridal shower etiquette regarding the timing of the event should also be considered. Again, this can vary in different countries. In America it should be held at least a month before the bride gets married, but in the UK it is more customary to hold the event just seven days before the actual wedding itself. This may seem tiring but itís what that country is used to.