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Inexpensive Ideas For Beach Themed Shower
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Beach Theme Bridal Shower Centerpieces
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Crab Bridal Shower
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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower


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If you are stumped for ideas when planning a surprise shower for your best friend, sister or daughter, consider a daisy themed bridal shower to brighten up anyone's day.

Welcome Spring

A daisy themed bridal shower is perfect for a spring shower as it can go with a great garden or floral theme that will be a little girly but still sophisticated. It will also be a breath of fresh air after a long, dreary winter and everyone will feel in better spirits when they see some floral arrangements and bright, sunny colors as opposed to deep, rich but rather drab winter themes.

No one looks forward to any season more than spring especially if you live in a part of the world that has harsh winters and short lived warmer months. A daisy themed bridal shower can tie in all the decorative elements together in a neat way. Here are some ideas, you can be as elaborate or as basic as you like.


A daisy themed bridal shower wouldn’t be complete without a daisy theme invitation card. You can easily make your own invites with paper crafting products readily available at craft stores or you could choose from a variety of printed or computer generated cads. Choose from clip art or pictures of daisies to get the event off to a great start.

Dress Code

You could ask all the guests to wear a floral themed apparel or accessory item to the daisy themed bridal shower. This way not everyone will be obliged to buy a daisy printed top and look like clones of one another. It is a broad enough theme for everyone to be able to find something in their wardrobe. And if it's not a top; a rose inspired scarf or some sunflower earrings can accessorize a solid colored dress for the occasion.


Who wouldn’t be tempted to see a bouquet of daisy cupcakes at the daisy themed bridal shower? Cupcakes are hard to resist even for those on a strict diet and it is much easier to serve as opposed to cakes that can get a little messy. A cupcake is the perfect size for a sweet treat and when arranged like a bouquet is a feast for all the senses.

Party Favors

You can go with the spring theme by getting a small flower pot with a daisy on it. Fill it with a few silk daisy flowers that can last all year or even some real daisy seeds so that guests can plant them in their own homes. A daisy themed bridal shower is pretty easy to put together as you can easily get lots of odds an ends with the daisy motif.

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