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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower

Most people end up booking a restaurant or some other kind of venue when it comes to organizing a shower. But a homemade bridal shower can be just as much fun Ė in fact with the right amount of preparation it can be better than going anywhere else!

Step One for the Perfect Occasion

Firstly, decide whose house is going to be the venue for the occasion. Itís no good being at the brideís house because you wonít be able to organize it in secret! Figure out whose house will be the easiest for everyone to get to, and consider other practical issues as well, such as parking and whether there are any kids in the house.

Step Two for the Perfect Occasion

Work out how the homemade bridal shower will be put together. It helps to get a few of the main guests together to think up some ideas here. Think about the food and drink options too; perhaps everyone could make a separate home cooked dish to bring?

You will also need to decide how formal you want the homemade bridal shower to be. The likes and dislikes of the bride should be taken into account here; some people would love a sit down meal with friends, whereas others would love the idea of a quick and easy buffet that you can pick at while chatting with friends and mingling.

Step Three for the Perfect Occasion

Think about how far you want to take the homemade bridal shower theme. If you want to go the whole hog you might think about having unique homemade gifts for the bride too. There are plenty of ideas here for creating a truly memorable occasion.

You could each pick a specific memorable year in the brideís life and choose an appropriate gift from that year which would have some significance for the bride. Put your heads together and see what you can come up with.

Step Four for the Perfect Occasion

Donít forget to tell the bride the absolute minimum about the evening. All she should know about her homemade bridal shower is where it will be; everything else should be planned to be a surprise.

Remember though that the evening is to be enjoyed so plan it with care and make sure itís a night to remember in a good way. A homemade bridal shower is a great way to get friends together and enjoy a wonderful evening in a different setting, so bear it in mind next time someone you know is getting married.