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Throwing A Beach Theme Bridal Shower
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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower


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A bridal shower is a party given to the bride a few days or weeks before her wedding. In most cases, a bridal shower checklist is usually used to organize the event. The organizer of the event is usually the bridesmaid or any other member of the wedding party who is female and up to the job. Bridal showers are almost always exclusive to female friends and relatives of the bride and most certainly have themes and gift giving.

Organizing Your Bridal Shower Checklist

In most bridal shower checklists, you will see items that include activities during the bridal shower itself, reminders to pick up the cake etc. Due to the flurry of activity that occurs a few days before the wedding, some items may be omitted from the bridal shower checklist. These items may be of utmost importance or just something that you think the bride and the other guests might appreciate.

If you are not having the bridal shower catered, you might like to add paper or plastic disposable plates to your checklist to make clean up easier. Paper or plastic cups can also be used if you are having pot luck for the bridal shower food. Another thing to add to the bridal shower checklist, if you are having pot luck, is what kind of food the friend will be bringing for the shower. This will minimize having the same food in the party.

Another item that you might forget to put in your bridal shower checklist may be the invitations and the thank you cards. These two items can be dismissed from the list if you are having a small bridal shower with just a few friends and relatives whom you can easily contact.

One more thing you must not forget to put in your bridal shower checklist is the activities that you will do during the event. Bridal shower activities can enhance the time you and your friends have during you shower. Make sure you list down what activities you wish to happen during the shower so you will not have gaps during the fun. Examples of such activities are games, gift giving, gift opening, giving advice and many others.

The theme of the shower is also something that you must bear in mind. Due to the theme, you might need something special which needs to be picked up or receive. It is best to assign tasks to other people who are willing and capable of helping out.

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