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Tropical Themed Bridal Shower Food
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Best Places To Throw A Bridal Shower On Long Island
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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower


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After all these years, hostesses and guests are still playing bridal shower games. Bridal shower games never seem to grow old, and guests who go to a bridal shower just expect that at some point during the shower they will be asked to play a game. Most guests are good sports and go right along with the bridal shower games.

The Jumble Game

This is one of the easiest bridal shower games ever. Pass out preprinted sheets of lots of scrambled wedding words, 30 or 40 words if possible. These puzzles are going to be fairly easy to figure out, so it has to be a time trial. Give the guests a very short amount of time to complete these scrambled words, so adding a time limit will make the game competitive.

Spot the Bride and Groom

This bridal shower game is fun if you are having the shower in a large house or an outdoor area where there are lots of hiding places. Go to a craft store and buy several small, inexpensive plastic cake-topper bride and grooms. Before the shower, hide these toppers all over the house or yard – in all the rooms where guests will be allowed to mingle.

Hide them on mantelpieces and in bookcases; on lamps and on top of picture frames. Give each guest a small bag when he or she arrives, and show them a sample of what that they are looking for. Throughout the event, during the other games, during the opening of the presents, and so forth, guests should be on the lookout for these brides and grooms. If they see one, they should grab it and put it in their bag. At the end of the night, the guest who has collected the most plastic bride and grooms wins a prize.

The Memory Game

The memory game is an old favorite that anyone can play. Gather a lot of common, everyday items like a garter, a ring, an invitation, a cake knife, a veil, and the like. Arrange all these items on a tray. Bring the tray into the room with a towel or cover over it.

Then let guests look at the items for a short period – 60 to 90 seconds, depending on how many items you use. Now cover the items back up. Give each guest a pad of paper and a pen, and let them have two minutes to write down all the items they saw. The guest who accurately writes down the most items wins the game.

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