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Pictures Of A Tropical Theme Bridal Shower


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A bridal shower can be as fun as you want it to be. In this day and age, bridal showers are not necessarily thrown for the bride as a surprise but can also be organized by the bride with the help of her friends. One of the most overlooked aspects of these events is bridal shower food. Most people just think that bridal shower food can be anything or is just a fact of an event and have no impact whatsoever to the success of the occasion.

Themes and Bridal Shower Food Coordination

Having a theme can totally change the mood for the bridal shower for the better. This also gives you better, more definite ideas regarding bridal shower food and decorations. Some examples of bridal shower themes are Hawaiian or western themes. These are almost generic themes that are readily available at many party organizer stores as well as party supplies stores.

Bridal shower food, for the two themes mentioned above, are easy to get by and easy to make as well. Hawaiian themed bridal showers may include a luau where rice, fruits, roasted pig and other Hawaiian delicacies can easily be made. Western themed bridal shower food can include barbecued meat and vegetables as well as beans and others.

Other bridal shower food that are inspired by themes are coffee afternoon themes, cake party, tea party and many others. These themes usually have light desserts or finger foods that can accompany the coffee or tea that you have made as a theme.

For those who wish to have heavier bridal shower food which is not connected to any kind of theme, you can always organize a bridal shower with or without a theme and then after all the activities are finished, announce dinner or lunch. Bridal shower food can actually be anything and having dinner or lunch after the fun bridal shower can make for bonding time with the girls while discussing many other things.

It is best to have more food than to run out in the middle of the bridal shower. If you have invited around 30 guests, you might want to order bridal shower food and drinks for 35 people just to be sure. It would be inconvenient for you to leave the party to get more food if you run out. If your bridal shower food is pot luck, make sure to coordinate with each other what kind of food you are bringing to avoid having too much of the same thing.

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