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Blood Pressure Is A Vital Sign
March 28th, 2017

A Blood Pressure Chart Contains Valuable Data

People who go to the office of their doctor know that blood pressure is something that all good physicians monitor at every visit. Blood pressure is a vital sign that provides some important information to each doctor about the health of their patients. The nurse usually takes the numbers of the pressure before the doctor does anything else. The nurse comes into the room and uses a blood pressure cuff to come up with a couple of numbers that mean something to the doctor. Many patients also know something about these blood pressure numbers because they soon realize that these numbers are important.

Blood pressure numbers are determined by using the blood pressure cuff that the nurse puts around the upper arm of the patient. The cuff usually has a small pump mechanism connected to it and that registers the numbers on a chart. The nurse will use the pump to inflate the cuff to the appropriate point. Then the nurse will let the cuff deflate and numbers will be available. Most patients are interested in the numbers that the nurse notes down for the doctor although some patients leave all the information for the interpretation of the doctor.

Blood Pressure Problems Can Be Treated

The blood pressure numbers are an indication of the force of the blood circulating through the blood vessels. The doctor and nurse have two numbers that provide them information on the blood pressure. These numbers are referred to as the systolic and diastolic by those in the medical professions. These professionals know which numbers indicate some problems. Normally the systolic number is about one hundred and twenty for healthy adults. The diastolic number is usually about eighty. Numbers above one hundred and forty and ninety would indicate a possible problem to a doctor.

If the numbers are higher than normal, the condition is called hypertension. Sometimes the numbers are higher in the office of a doctor because people are nervous when they go for a medical checkup. Doctors will often ask the patient to get their own measuring device so they can monitor their blood pressure at home when they are relaxed. If the numbers continue to be high, the doctor will recommend treatment for the patient. The treatment could include a drug therapy to lower the numbers for better health. Most people do not have to worry too much about high blood pressure because there are steps that each person can take to rectify the problem.