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Basket Bingo Combines Two Elements Of Fun
April 29th, 2017

Interesting facts about the game of bingo

As our tastes and our technology has grown up, so to has one of our favorite games. While bingo at the local church hall and county fair is still growing strong, online bingo is capturing an increasing share of the market. It is easy to see why online bingo has such appeal. From the appeal of beating the odds to the lure of great prizes, playing bingo on the internet has a strong appeal. When you add the fact that you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home, it is easy to see why this game has harnessed the power of the internet like no other.

For as far back as the 1930s, bingo was traditionally played in tents and large halls, with hundreds of people keeping score on cardboard cards, using blotters, or good old field corn, to mark their cards. Bingo is still a hit at carnivals and county fairs, with young and old alike whiling away the hours in this popular pastime.

For many years, bingo has been one of the most popular of all leisure activities. In the year of 2003 alone, it is estimated that over one and a half billion people played bingo, nearly as many as attended movies and went bowling combined.

As the internet has grown, the number of bingo sites on the internet has grown exponentially. The most popular bingo oriented sites are still the free sites, and the vast majority of online bingo games are free, with some offering additional pay to play games at a premium.

While good old fashioned bingo, played with those old standby cardboard bingo cards and pieces of corn, is not going anywhere, there is little doubt that online bingo is here to stay as well. Online bingo is one of the most popular destinations for internet users of all profiles, and that is likely to continue for quite some time. Some online bingo sites are set up just for fun, while others are designed to lure internet gamblers with big prizes and big money. No matter where your tastes lie, chances are it will not take you long to get a virtual game of bingo going.