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The Bible, one of the best selling books of all time, is a book with the most mystery and question surrounding it. Most commonly the term Bible refers to the scriptures of the Christian church, but it may also denote the canon of Jewish scripture. Many people think that the Bible is a fictional book full of inspiring fictional stories that are designed to encourage the Christian through the ages. Other people say it is a timeless history book full of true stories of early Christians that are designed to give direction and encouragement to Christians of all ages throughout the years. Scholars have spent many years researching the stories in the Bible and have come up with many different ideas but the general consensus is that the stories are true and the Bible is designed to give the Christian today guidance, rules to live by and encouragement to carry one through their Christian lives.

The Bible has 66 books divided in two sections â€" the Old Testament and the New Testament. The books of the Old Testament give sort of a history lesson of early Christians and the stories of their perseverance throughout their lives. There are rules for Christian living as well as books full of encouragement for both early and today’s believers. The New Testament has the history similar to the Old Testament but is also full of letters from early Christian leaders that were written to churches of the day with the purpose of giving guidance and encouragement for Christian living.

Each book in the Bible is divided into numbered chapters with each chapter being divided into numbered verses. To look up a particular passage of scripture the book is first found followed then by the chapter and then the verse. The Bible is written by many different people but all were inspired by God to write the words that he wanted to get out to his followers. The Bible is referred to as the “inspired word of God”. There are also groupings of books of the Bible that are set together because of their content or their authors. For example the first five books of the Old Testament are the Jewish scripture called the Torah. The first four books of the New Testament are called the Gospels.

Since the original writings of the Holy Bible, there have been many different versions and translations written. The Bible is translated into thousands of different languages and is still being translated into obscure languages today. There are also many different versions of the Bible that range from the direct translations of language that can be more difficult to understand because the wording does not always make sense in English to translations that have had the ideas translated and are therefore, easier to understand in English. These include the King James Versions that are the literal translations to the New International Version and New Standard Versions that contain translated ideas and meanings into easier to understand language. There are still other versions such as the Living Bibles that are paraphrases of the original meanings and languages and are the easiest to understand but are subject to the biases of the persons doing the translating.

The Bible is a very complex book, which makes it seem like much of a mystery to many people. The key to understanding the Bible is in finding the right version that meets the individual needs of the reader. Each reader has the responsibility to find the fit that is most comfortable for them so that they can get the education, direction and encouragement that God wants everyone to glean from the Bible.

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