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Women Fuk A Little Boy

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Some women, however, are just not blessed with big picture windows. Small eyes can be a problem if you want your eyes to stand out, but there are ways to solve the problem. The proper makeup techniques can help you make those small peepers pop.

The first place you will want to look in order to create bigger, bolder, and more expressive eyes is to your eyeliner. Eyeliner can be the cure to your small eye blues, but only if you use the correct techniques. First of all, you will want to line the entire top lash line and then extend that line slightly at the corners of your eye. If you like, you can also line the bottoms of your eyes, but make sure you concentrate color only on the outside third of the eye and extend is just slightly past the edge. Don’t be too dramatic, but just a slight line beyond the outside edge will do the trick. Keep in mind that a soft and smoky look will open your eyes up more than thin hard lines of liner will. Use dark and neutral colors with just a little hint of black for lining, since bright shades are what will make your eyes look even smaller.

The other place to concentrate your eye enlargement efforts would be on your lashes. Eyelashes are a great eye opener. Before you ever apply mascara, you will want to curl your lashes three times: once at the base, another half way up, and a third time at the tip. This will help to create a gentle, rounded curl of your eyelash. Then, as you apply your mascara, take care to fan out your lashes as you go. Do so by brushing the inner third of your lashes toward your nose. Pull the middle third straight out. Then, take the outer third of your lashes and brush them toward your temples. By exaggerating your eyelashes in this manner, you will be able to draw attention to your eyes and help them to stand out. The more they stand out, the bigger they will appear to be.

Thirdly, look to your eye shadow. Use caution when doing so, however. Though it is a commonly held belief, dramatic eye shadow will not make your eyes stand out. The truth of the matter is, it will do just the opposite. Too much dramatic eye shadow will cause your eyes to shrink by shading them back into your face. If you do have small eyes, you will want to keep eye shadow really simple. Use only light-colored shadows first of all. Secondly, never wear more than two shades at one time. Remember, simplicity will be your friend here. Brush a light, subtle base color form your lashes to your brow. Next, use a slightly darker shade to create just a subtle definition in your eyelid’s crease. By keeping your shadow simple and subtle, you can enhance your eyes and avoid hiding them on your face.

A fourth way to enhance your eyes is to work on the area around them. For instance, dark circles will make your eyes look even smaller than they are. If you have deep circles around your eyes, they can even make your eyes look sunken. To fix the problem, use a concealer that is just slightly lighter in the dark circle areas. By simply ridding yourself of the circles, you will be able to enhance your eyes.

Lastly, think about the shape of your eyebrows when trying to enhance your eyes. Your eyes will seem smaller and closer together if you have brows that are too close together or heavy. To help spread out your eyes and open them, tweeze your eyebrows further out than you might normally. If possible, it is best to get your eyebrows about an eye length apart if you can.

Large eyes may be a blessing, but small eyes are not a problem. By simply understanding where to concentrate your efforts, you make those small eyes pop and look great. Practice your makeup techniques and taking care of the skin around your eyes and you will find that opening and enlarging your eyes is easy and even a little bit fun