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Many people assume that the secret to having strong, healthy nails is the way you care for them. Millions of women spend money on manicures and pedicures each week in an effort to keep their nails looking healthy and beautiful. In fact, the true secrets to healthy nails begin way before you set foot in the salon. The first step to having healthy, strong nails has to do with nutrition. Some people are surprised to find out that what you eat has a major impact on the way your nails grow.

The biggest nutritional tip for healthy nails is to get plenty of vitamins. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 all have an effect on your finger and toe nails. Vitamin A works to keep your nails strong. If you do not have a large enough intake of vitamin A as well as calcium, you could find that your nails become dry and/or bitter. Bitter nails often break much more frequently and easily than stronger nails. Vitamin C can work to prevent those annoying and sometimes painful hang nails. Protein and frolic acid work with vitamin C to keep your nails healthy and void of any hang nail problems. Protein also keeps your nails healthy in other ways. You may have noticed random white bands across your fingernails at one time or another. These are often caused by protein deficiency and making sure your intake of protein is standard can help keep your nails looking clear and healthy. Zinc also prevents white spots from appearing on your nails as well. Vitamin B12 assists in keeping your nails from becoming dried out, much like vitamin A. Without vitamin B12 nails often also become darker and the ends often curve. Sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 can keep your nails growing healthy and remaining naturally colored and clear. Another nutritional tip for healthy nails is keeping up your intake of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid prevents nails from splitting and breaking. Keeping your nails strong is vital in the quest for healthy nails.

Even if you were previously aware of the affects nutrition can have on your nails, you will surely be surprised at how much of a difference a proper diet can make in the life of your nails. It is recommended that people consume a diet composed of fifty percent fruits and vegetables. This large portion of fruits and vegetables provides the large quantity of vitamins that keeps nails healthy but also helps in a variety of other ways to keep your entire body healthy and working right. Dieticians will recommend that people drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It is extremely important that people remain hydrated and keep their intake of liquids high. Although water is the best for keeping everything from vitamins to toxins moving through the body correctly, almost any liquids are appropriate for keeping the human body hydrated. Fruit and vegetable juices are often good for healthy nails as well. In fact, carrot juice is thought to be the best liquid for keeping your nails healthy and strong. The high levels of calcium and phosphorus in carrot juice keep nails especially strong.

There are a number of common problems that occur for many people in terms of their nails. Nutrition can often help in curing most of these problems. Discoloring is one common complaint that occurs in a number of people. In some cases these people have conditions such as anemia that may cause this as a symptom. In other cases discoloration can be attributed to heavy smoking. Dry nails are another often complaint of people. Dryness causes nails to break easily which can be a hassle. Diet can have a huge impact on dry nails and should be considered for people who complain of dryness in their fingernails. Hang nails and white spots on the nails are other complaints many people have that also can be attempted to be reversed through proper diet. If you have problems with any of these conditions consider changing your diet around, even if you make small changes.

Eating right can have a huge impact on your nails. However, a proper diet can have positive aspects on almost every area of your life. In addition to keeping your nails strong and healthy, a proper diet can make your entire body feel healthy, rejuvenated and strong

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