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Pictures Of Black Women Bare Feet

Summer time means dragging out your bathing suit and showing some skin. It also means it is time to focus more on your bikini area when you shave. The bikini area is the most sensitive area when it comes to shaving. Some people prefer to get the area waxed, however most women would rather take care of it with shaving. Although it may seem easy to maintain your bikini area, there is nothing worse than getting bikini burn from shaving. Most of the time bikini burn occurs when important shaving steps are skipped. To get a smooth and pain free shave, try these great tips when shaving your bikini area.

Prepping your skin for shaving is one of the most valuable things you can do for your skin. If you prefer to shave in the mornings, try lathering the bikini area with a deep moisturizing lotion the night before. This will help soften the hairs while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, the hairs will be much easier to shave.

Once you get into the shower or bath, don't let shaving be the first task on your list. Go ahead and wash your body and hair before picking up the razor. If you allow the bikini area hair to soften with the water and heat, then you will get better results. If you are in a hurry and cannot wait to shave, consider putting hair conditioner on the area for at least two minutes before you begin shaving. This will give the area a bit of moisture which is better than none.

Choosing the proper razor is the key to a good shave. Most women prefer the do-it-yourself method as opposed to an electric razor for the area. It is a good idea to go over the area with trimmers however if it has been a while since you shaved it. This will allow you to get a smoother shave. Make sure your razor is clean and sharp. You will most likely get bikini burn if you shave with a dull razor. Razor companies are now making small disposable razors made specifically for the bikini area, so pick up a few to try.

When you are ready to shave, make sure you have a shaving agent on hand. Don't use soap when shaving your bikini area, as it will dry the area out and leave you with a rash. Try using sensitive skin shaving gel or cream for bikini area shaving. If you are curious about which type to get, try using your man's cream. It contains basically the same ingredients a female shaving cream would contain, although it may offer a manly scent. Female versions tend to offer a clean scent, while many male shaving creams offer a musk scent. There are also specific products you can use for the bikini area. They specify their specific use on the bottle and are made for sensitive areas. These sensitive shaving agents are a perfect way to prevent bikini burn.

What you do to your skin after shaving your bikini area is extremely important. Immediately after getting out of the shower or bath, you must moisturize the area. If you have sensitive skin, try an unscented lotion. You can also use baby powder or baby oil if you tend to break out from using lotions on shaved areas. Try not to go into a pool or the ocean for a few hours after you shave. This will allow the area to heal before you expose it to salty water or chemicals. If you must go in the water, be sure to moisturize after you get out.

If you already have bikini burn then you know how annoying it can get. There is not much you can do for bikini burn. You really must simply let it heal on its own. Do not shave the area however until the rash is gone. You can also buy over-the-counter chafing lotions that will help heal the area. Wear loose clothing and avoid the ocean or pool until it heals.

If you shave your bikini area everyday, the area will become less sensitive to the shaving process and you will be less likely to get bikini burn. Don't ever shave more than once a day, but try to shave at least every other day. You can skip shaving your bikini area in the winter months if you like, but be sure to start back again before bathing suit weather so you can get any initial irritation out of the way


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