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Pictures Of 50 Year Old Women With Dark Brown Hair

The Hair up There - Methods to Hair Removal

There are a number of options for people looking into hair removal possibilities. With hair removal becoming more and more popular as years go by, there have been a number of advancements made and new products created that have given hair removal customers a variety of options. However, since there are now so many different types of hair removal methods available, it can sometimes be difficult for people to determine which hair removal method is best for them.

The newest hair removal method to be put on the market is laser hair removal. Since advancements of all types of procedures using lasers have become more and more advanced in recent years, it is no surprise that lasers are now being used to remove hair. A wavelength of energy is omitted by the laser, working to kill the hair from its base. The most appealing characteristic of laser hair removal is that after a small number of treatments your hair should be completely dead and you will never have to worry about hair on that specific portion of your body again. Laser hair removal treatments can be spread out farther than other types of hair removal treatment since the laser hair removal process slows the growth of hair. Laser hair removal may seem like the most appealing hair removal procedure but there is a downside. Since laser hair removal is a relatively new procedure and can be high in demand compared to the number of specialists licensed to practice the procedure, the cost of laser hair treatments can be relatively high. In comparison to the other methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is by far the most costly.

A method similar to laser hair removal but that has been around much longer is that of electrolysis. When removing hair by electrolysis, the technician uses a needle that projects an electric current into the hair follicle, killing it at the root. By sending the current directly to the root of the hair follicle it prevents hair from growing back in the same spot. Although it may take longer than laser hair removal, electrolysis is another way to permanently remove hair in a certain area. Like laser hair removal, this takes a number of repeat appointments for treatment. Electrolysis often requires treatment for anywhere up to a year to a year and a half for the hair to be completely removed. Like laser hair treatment, electrolysis can cause some discomfort and pain during treatment when the electric current is killing the hair follicle but it should not last longer than a few minutes after the treatment has ended.

A long used method of hair removal is the process of removing hair using depilatories. Depilatories are made up of a chemical mixture that is applied to a region of unwanted hair. Once applied, the depilatory is left on the hair from anywhere from three to fifteen minutes depending on the size of the area and the amount of hair being removed. Once the chemicals have had time to kill the hair, the depilatory is removed and the area of skin is smooth and free from hair. Unlike laser hair removal and electrolysis, using a depilatory is completely pain free and can be done in the privacy of your own home. A number of depilatories are sold at local supermarkets. However, for people with sensitive skin depilatories may not be the right way to go about removing unwanted hair. Since depilatories contain such strong chemicals in order to kill the hair, they often cause skin irritation for people who are prone to having sensitive skin. Depilatories also typically require repeat treatments considerably sooner than both electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Another hair removal treatment that has been popular for years is that of waxing. Waxing can be done by professionals in a salon or can be done in your own home with one of many self-waxing kits sold in stores. Waxing requires hot wax to be poured on the area and then removed by having strips stuck on and pulled off along with unwanted hair. Although this method is often painful, it is cost effective and can last a while, which keeps many customers coming back for more


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