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As the base for all the make-up you apply to your face, foundation can play a huge part in whether your look becomes a success or a flop. There are two major decisions to be made when it comes to selecting the right foundation for you - color and consistency. The first is imperative because the tone of the foundation you choose must blend well with the natural tone of your skin. It is important that the line where you have stopped applying the foundation is not evident. By matching the foundation to your skin tone as closely as possible you are able to avoid any color conflicts. Selecting a foundation tone that most closely matches your skin tone will also help to enhance your own natural beauty.

The second choice to be made is perhaps a little more difficult - whether to choose a powder foundation or a liquid foundation. For some the choice may seem simple. Many people who have been using foundation for years have found one that they stand by and would never dream of switching. However, for those who are new to the world of make-up or for those who are not satisfied with their current foundation, the choice between a liquid or powder foundation may be more difficult.

If a number of women were polled to find out whether they prefer liquid or powder foundations, it may become evident that many women seem to opt for liquid foundation. Many people feel that liquid foundation is the quickest and easiest to apply which makes it a more practical choice for women who use the product on a daily basis. Liquid foundation tends to blend with your natural skin better than powder foundation and also prevents your face from having a glossy, shiny appearance. For those who seek a more natural appearance from their make-up, they may find that liquid foundation best suit their needs.

Powder foundations may not give quite as natural a look as liquid foundations, but they are equally as easy to apply. In fact, since powder foundation does not take as long to blend as liquid foundation, many find that the application of powder foundation takes less time than that of liquid foundation. Powder foundations can be a perfect choice for people with excessively oily skin. The powder foundation can help to dry out skin and can also be handy on days when a lot of perspiration may occur. The dry, powdery foundation keeps skin dry and cool. Some foundation-wearers also report that powder foundation gives a lighter feel than liquid foundation. This means that after application you are less likely to feel as if you are wearing foundation at all. In addition to providing a light and airy feel, another benefit of powder foundation is that it blends well with sunscreen. For women who find themselves outside in the sun often, powder foundation may be a smart choice.

The choice between powder and liquid foundations does not stop there. Many make-up companies have recently developed liquid-to-powder foundations in an attempt to blend the benefits of both liquid foundation and powder foundation into one product. Like powder foundations, liquid-to-powder foundations tend to feel light when applied to the skin. In addition, liquid-to-powder foundations also provide long lasting wear. However, this type of foundation can clash with certain types of skin. Although liquid-to-powder foundation works extremely well on oily skin, it can prove to be a bad choice for people who have dry skin, as it can leave dry skin looking patchy.

The best way to decide on the most appropriate foundation type for you is to get as much information as possible and try out all the options. Visiting a make-up manufacturer can help you decide on a foundation. Talking with either a make-up artist or even a dermatologist can help you make up your mind as well. A dermatologist can also provide an intellectual view on what type of foundation is the healthiest choice for your skin. If you have had skin problems in the past you may find it helpful to consult with a professional such as a dermatologist. Whatever way you choose to pursue finding the best foundation for you, once you have found the right choice you will likely be satisfied with the result