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Don’t Be a Flake - Remedies for Those with Dandruff

Dandruff can be an embarrassing problem for anyone at any point of their life. Millions of people suffer from dandruff, which is considered a chronic scalp disorder. The main symptom of dandruff is an itchy, flaky scalp. If you have dandruff, you will likely notice excess white flakes in your hair or on your shirt throughout the day. Although it is annoying and humiliating, you can control your condition with a few helpful tips.

If you have mild dandruff, the answer to your problem may simply be finding a good shampoo. There are many dandruff shampoos on the market that are great at controlling mild dandruff. Just pick one up at the store and give it a try. If you see no improvement in at least two weeks, try another variety. If you still see no improvement, try a shampoo with a tar extract in it. This is particularly helpful to dry scalp conditions. They do not smell as great as regular shampoos, but they will get the job done. You may also find that tar shampoos are a bit more expensive, but they are worth the extra cost.

There are a few behavioral steps you can take to control your dandruff. Researchers have found that stress is a major factor in many conditions, including dandruff. If you are experiencing dandruff, take a look at your life and your schedule. If you can do anything in your schedule to lessen your stress load, then by all means, do so. Not only will your dandruff likely improve, but you will probably feel better as a whole.

Many people are confused about dandruff. Some may think that dandruff occurs because you shampoo your hair too often. The opposite is true however, especially if your scalp is oily. Oily scalps need to be shampooed often to remove any excess oil. The excess oil may make your dandruff problem even worse. Be sure to use your dandruff shampoo when you wash your hair and you will see a great improvement.

Styling products are often the cause of oily scalps. They tend to build up on your scalp, causing the scalp to produce excess oil. Hair spray, waxes, gel, and mousse are all to blame in this case. If you are experiencing dandruff, try cutting back on your usage of these products. You could even be having an allergic reaction to these products that is taking a form similar to dandruff.

One thing that may trigger dandruff is taking really hot showers. If you have any type of skin problem, you should keep your showers moderate in temperature. Hot water tends to cause the body to dry out or produce more oil to compensate, which are two problems associated with dandruff.

New studies are showing that natural sunlight may be good for dandruff. Researchers warn that you still should not spend a great deal of time in the sun, due to its cancerous waves. You should simply spend short amounts of time with your scalp getting exposure. Not only will the sun help your dandruff but it will provide the Vitamin D your body needs to keep you happy.

If none of these tips help control your dandruff there are a few things you can do. First, schedule a visit with your general practitioner. He or she will access your condition and may even prescribe a prescription treatment for your dandruff. The doctor will likely only do so if your dandruff is moderate or severe. Most of the time the prescription is a shampoo or a scalp wash. Your doctor may decide to refer you to a dermatologist however. The dermatologist will likely diagnosis you with dandruff and may or may not take a sample. The sample may be sent off to confirm you have dandruff instead of an allergic reaction to something else.

If you have dandruff, don’t worry about trying to prevent it, because it is not a preventable disorder. Focus instead on controlling it and not letting it control you. There are many things you can make a part of your daily habits that will help you control your dandruff. If you have questions, be sure to consult your doctor, as they can confirm that it is actually dandruff you are dealing with

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