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How To Dress Short And Fat Lady

In a society that emphasizes the beauty of those six-foot tall supermodels who weigh in at a light 120 pounds, it is becoming all too easy for the average woman to feel inadequate and not very beautiful. Pictures of super thin models plaster the covers of popular magazines and the screens of television sets around the world with the message of 'this is what beautiful is.' However, for the average woman in today's world looking in the mirror does not result in seeing the reflection of a six-foot tall, 120-pound woman. The average American woman stands five foot four and weighs 140 pounds, seven inches shorter and twenty three pounds heavier than the average American model. The fact that the entertainment industry uses models who are, on average, thinner than 98% of American women puts an unrealistic image of what is beautiful in the heads of Americans. In fact, studies have shown that four in five American women are not satisfied with the way they look. In fact, obsession with being 'perfect' can be the downfall in women finding their own beauty. You will surely find that the real secret to being beautiful is a positive outlook on your own image.

The diet crusade is something that has been somewhat of a plague on American society for some time. Americans, particularly women, are in many cases encouraged to diet, and in some cases starve themselves, to obtain what society deems "the perfect body." In fact, it is not a cutback in calories that these women truly need. By being made to feel good about the way they look, women would find that their overall outlook on themselves and their lives would improve drastically. Women who feel good about the way they look are happier in their day to day lives, are less hung up about what they eat and counting calories, and are less likely to have problems with depression and/or anxiety.

Although diets can provide a route to a healthier lifestyle, extreme dieting can pose a major problem. Eating right rather than compulsively and daily exercise can be paired to present the best lifestyle choice and to increase your self esteem. It is shown that people who take time to exercise each day feel less stressed about work and home life, and also benefit from the rewards of exercising the human body. If you have a jam-packed schedule simply find twenty to thirty minutes each day to fit in some kind of exercise. You will be surprised at how wonderful it makes you feel.

There are a number of other ways to help you boost the image you have of yourself. These things can be as simple as writing down a compliment to yourself each day. Recording one thing you like about your appearance each day will soon add up to a list of traits that you will find add up to one thing - beauty. In order to have a positive outlook on yourself and your life, you must put yourself in positive situations. It is important that you surround yourself with positive people. People who put you down for any reason are not worth having in your life. The right people can make all the difference in making you a happier, more positive feeling person. As important as friends and family are, taking time for yourself is also vital. Perhaps book a relaxing appointment at a local spa. You will be surprised at how taking the time to fit in a facial or manicure will make you feel pampered and beautiful.

In keeping a positive outlook on yourself there is one thing that is the most important of all. It is imperative that you refuse to buy into the negative attitudes that plague our culture. With supermodels being put on a pedestal and average people being bombarded with the concept that they are not as beautiful as these super thin models, the idea of what is healthy and beautiful has been completely skewed. Being six-feet tall and 120 pounds does not make someone beautiful. Beauty shines from the inside out. Having a positive attitude about yourself will reflect through and be evident to everyone around you, no matter what your size