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Beyond Extended - Traveling the Route of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were once reserved for only the most glamorous celebrities around. Fans would look on in wonder when celebrities went from a short do to waist length hair in a matter of days. Along with celebrities, many cancer patients began using hair extensions to help get a manageable look as their hair grew back. With hair extensions being very expensive, these were the only two groups willing to pay the price. Today however, hair extensions are affordable and attainable for anyone who is trying to get a new beauty look.

The popularity of hair extensions really revolves around the quick results you get from using them. There is no other product out there that allows you to add a foot of realistic looking hair on your head in just a few hours. You can literally get any length of hair you want. The best part about it all is that hair extensions, unlike wigs, are very believable. Hair extensions are made of either human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair extensions tend to be much more costly and are usually reserved for patients recovering from cancer.

Although the trend of hair extensions may sound new to some, it is a practice that has been used for years. African-American hair stylists have been using weaves and hair pieces in the same manner that today’s hair extensions are used. Many of the techniques were originally mastered in neighborhood beauty shops. In salons today, stylists who work with hair extensions have been trained in the latest techniques. Not every stylist you visit will know how to use hair extensions properly. There is nothing worse than getting a bad extension job and having to pay for it, so be sure to research stylists in your area that specialize in hair extensions.

It may seem that hair extensions are only helpful when you want to lengthen your hair, but it is not true. You can use hair extensions for other hair problems as well. If you have very fine hair, you can use hair extensions or additions to add volume and thickness to your hair. You can gain hair that is more manageable using these additions. You can also use hair extensions to add a little color to your hair. If you would like to try something new, you may consider adding a few pieces of pink hair extensions to your hair. Colored hair extensions can be used as highlights as well. It is a way to get color that does not fade or harm your hair in any way.

Keep in mind that hair extensions are not something that you can get during your lunch break. The entire process can take hours and can be quite monotonous. To help expedite the process, ask to meet with your stylist before your actual appointment so you can choose colors, length, and get everything in order. This will save a little time during your appointment. Most often the hair extensions must be ordered, so a pre-appointment will allow you to choose what you want. It is also a great time to ask any questions you might have and to find out what you will need to do to care for your hair extensions.

There are several ways your stylist can attach hair extensions. You can get it attached strand by strand or by weft. When stylists use a weft, they actually sew or bond the weft to your natural hair. Your stylist will choose the appropriate type of attachment using your hair’s natural characteristics. The biggest difference in these two methods is usually cost. Stylists usually determine the cost of your hair extensions by the amount of time it will take to finish the entire process. Keep in mind that another factor of the cost will be the quality and amount of hair you will need for the process.

Getting hair extensions can be a fun and rewarding process. Just remember to research stylists in your area that are experienced in hair extensions. The more experienced the stylist is in giving hair extensions, the better your hair will turn out. Also remember that taking care of hair extensions can be time consuming. They require specific needs when it comes to washing, brushing, and styling. Do your homework beforehand and your hair extension experience will be a huge success

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