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Great Tips For Cleaning Your Barbecue Grill
March 28th, 2017

Your Needs and Tastes Will Dictate the Type of BBQ Grill You Get

Several different types of barbecue grills exist and each kind may have slightly different types of grill surfaces. The most popular kinds of grill surfaces are stainless steel and heavy gauge steel, depending on the style of the bbq grill itself (charcoal or gas). You likely spend some hard earned cash on that grill of yours and probably a large part of your socializing with friends and family is centered around cooking outdoors on it. Make sure your barbecue grill lasts for years to come by properly cleaning and maintaining it.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean It

Maintaining your barbecue grill is part of being a good owner and the longer you go without cleaning the grill's surface, the harder it will be to clean when you finally decide to do it. If you do not clean your grill, it will eventually rust, reducing the life of your grill considerably. In addition, a dirty barbecue grill can cause food to stick to it, thereby ruining it or exposing the food to contaminants because the grill wasn't cleaned!

Cleaning Ingredients and Tasks

Cleaning your grill's surface is essential for a long grill life so you will need several materials to aid you in this task. You will need a strong wire grill brush, aluminum foil, steep wool pads, a sponge, dish soap, baking soda and cooking spray or cooking oil. The first thing you want to do for your barbecue grill is use a stiff wire brush to scrub the surfaces as this will remove stuck on food and sauce, spice or burned on cooking oil build-up. If the barbecue grill surface is not scrubbed promptly, it will breed rust and degrade the quality of it. Doing this while the grill surface is still hot is advisable as the food stuck to it may still be warm and pliable.

When your barbecue grill has not been cleaned in some time, you may have to scrub them to remove as much debris as possible before soaking them in a sink full of hot bubbles. Let them soak a while before trying the steel wool pads on them to remove the build-up. Once you have finished, rinse the soap off thoroughly and dry the barbecue grill to avoid rust spots before placing them back in the pit. If the grill racks have grime on them but no major chunks or build-up, you may be able to use baking soda and aluminum foil on them. Allow the barbecue grill to cool, sprinkle the baking soda and then scrub with the foil.

Once the grill racks are clean, you will want to coat them with a fine mist of cooking spray or a light coating of cooking oil applied with a paper towel. This coating on the barbecue grill will keep the racks lubricated and prevent rusting in between uses. Continuous maintenance on them will keep you grilling tasty meats and vegetables on the same pit for years and years.