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May 29th, 2017

Westpac Internet Banking: Saving Money and Saving the World

Halifax plc is a bank based in the United Kingdom that can trace its roots back to 1853 and it named after the town of Halifax where it still retains its headquarters. Halifax plc is the largest provider of savings accounts and residential mortgages in the United Kingdom and is a publicly traded company.

Halifax Online Banking

Halifax plc has come a long way from its roots in 1853. They now offer a full array of banking products and services available on their website. Some of the services they offer include access to savings and checking accounts, mortgages, insurance, credit cards, investments, and traveler's (holiday) services through their website.

Halifax Online banking also offers the opportunity for customers to apply for this variety of services through their website. They also offer services such as branch location, address changes for existing customers, bereavement advice, and assistance for customers that need help locating unclaimed accounts they may have lost account numbers for.

Halifax online banking also offers their customers other services. They offer varying methods for customers to contact them including by phone, internet, branch office, and though a cash machine.

Complaining to Halifax plc

One unique service offered by Halifax online banking is a specific place on their website for customers to complain. This in and of itself is not particularly unique, but not only do they offer the place to complain, they also have a page dedicated to explaining to their customers how their complaint will be handled.

Firstly they state that their goal is to resolve all customer complaints with 24 hours. If that is not possible, they give the customer a frame of time which the case will be resolved and will let the customer know who will be contacting them to resolve it. They give a general complaint number on the site so that the customer has a place to call if they do not know exactly who to contact regarding their issue.

If the customer is still not happy after the first specialist has attempted to solve their issue, they have the option of asking that his or her complaint be referred to a Senior Customer Relations Manager for further discussion. If after all of this the customer still does not feel satisfied, they are encouraged to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for help. The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent group that will conduct an objective investigation into the matter. This service is somewhat unique to Halifax online banking.