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May 29th, 2017

The Many Ideas To Make A Baby Shower Gift

Horse lovers often seem to appreciate any sort of gifts that reflect their chosen hobbies, whether itís a gift for them or a gift for their children. If you have equine enthusiasts for friends, then a baby shower or a birthday is the perfect time to look for baby gifts for horse lovers, sure to please them. Though it may seem as if gifts to fit a particular theme can be hard to locate, it is in fact rather easy to find appropriate baby gifts for horse lovers, if you know where to look. If youíre stumped for ideas, here are a few thatíll help you find the right baby gifts for the horse lovers you know.

Pony Musical Pull

One great example of baby gifts for horse lovers is the Sunshine Pony Musical Pull, available through State Line Tack. Hanging from a smiling sun is a small plush pony, which can be pulled in order to play Rock-A-Bye-Baby, soothing your child while in the crib. A great addition to any baby room, boy or girl, this gift will only set you back a about seven dollars.

Baby Pillow And Blanket

The same company offers other great baby gifts for horse lovers, such as a baby blanket and pillow set that can decorate your babyís crib. The print on the cloth depicts some horse-related scenes, and the colors are perfect for a horse-themed nursery, or even just one decorated in country style. These gifts for horse lovers will set you back about $30, a great deal for a little style in your new cowboy or cowgirlís nursery.


If youíre still stumped on baby gifts for horse lovers, try looking for books that the babyís parents can read to their child. Pat The Pony, by Edith Kunhardt, for instance, is available through Amazon.com and will make a good book to reach to your baby before bed or while having bonding time. This book or any number of books would work great for baby gifts for horse lovers, since reading can be one way that both parent and child can learn about and enjoy horses.

Plush Toys

When all else fails, itís hard to go wrong with a horse plush toy. Squeezable and soft, a stuffed animal is an instant hit with young children. Whether kept in the crib to hug at night or put on a shelf to decorate a horse-themed room, horse plush toys make great baby gifts for horse lovers. So, whether you get toys or something to decorate the crib with, with a little looking, youíre sure to find plenty of great baby gifts for the horse lovers in your life.