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March 30th, 2017

The Many Ideas To Make A Baby Shower Gift

Sometimes itís easy to pick out baby gifts with just a trip to the infantís department at the toy store, but other times you may want something thatís a little more significant or elegant for the baby, whatever the reason. At times like those, consider getting engraved baby gifts. Such gifts can be beautiful and personalized for the baby youíre buying for, so the parents have no doubt that you think highly of their child. If you need a hand figuring out what to do when buying engraved baby gifts, here are a few tips and ideas:

The Engraving

When going to have an item engraved, the place youíre purchasing the engraving from will ask you what you want to have engraved. This can be as simple as the childís name, or have a short message on several lines. Your best bet is to go for simple or give a message from the heart. You often also get the chance to select the font of the lettering done. If nothing catches your eye, your best bet is to ask your salesperson what will work best.

Comb And Brush

Things Remembered, which specializes in personalized gifts, offers a comb and brush set for babies that can be engraved with whatever personalized words you want, such as the childís name and birth date. The set, which costs $20, is inexpensive, has beautiful nickel plating, and is sure to be an impressive gift. Sturdy enough to last through a babyís first years, these make great engraved baby gifts.

ID Bracelets

If you know parents that are looking for something stylish for their baby to wear, then baby ID bracelets make cute and appropriate engraved baby gifts. The Adorable Baby Gifts company in Wimberley, Texas handcrafts these in either brown or blue and add a small, engraved sterling silver oval with your babyís name. For something a little feminine for your baby girl, the same company also offers pearl necklaces. These particular engraved baby gifts will set you back between $50 and $80.

Baby Cup

For something thatís practical and pretty, try a training cup for engraved baby gifts. With a sturdy top that prevents spills, these silver plated cups add style as well as usefulness. Whether the baby uses it as an actual cup or simply as a decoration to display the engraved message, these little cups make great engraved baby gifts, sold for under $20 at MonogrammedGifts.com. So, whether itís a comb, some jewelry, or something pretty to drink out of, itís easy to find engraved baby gifts for any special occasion.