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May 27th, 2017

Bumbo Baby Seat

The purpose of the is to give a thoughtful thank-you to those who attend a bridal shower and a small remembrance of the occasion.

Pros: The ultimate anything is always made of chocolate. This bridal shower favor is shaped like a small purse. It is solid chocolate and is 3 tall and 2 wide. It can be ordered either in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. It comes in a cellophane wrapper and the gift cards are separate.

The Chocolate Purse Favor is made of Belgian chocolate and features white chocolate accents. It is a truly unique idea for a bridal shower favor.

Cons: It's hard to think of a con where chocolate is involved. The only con is that these favors are not really keepsakes. They will melt and spoil over time.

Guarantee: Wedding Favors.com provides a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason or no reason at all a customer is unhappy with a purchase, their money will be refunded without any hassle. Additionally, there is a low price guarantee. Wedding Favors.com guarantees that their prices are lower than others for comparable items. If a lower price is found for an identical item, the difference will be refunded to the customer.

Value for money: The is an excellent value.

Where to buy: http://www.myweddingfavors.com/choc-purse.html