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Some Critical Factors About Acne And Anti Aging Skin Care
May 27th, 2017

American Academy Anti Aging Medicine – What Do They Do?

When you speak about acne and anti aging skin care you are actually speaking about two different things – one is pertaining to the cleaning of your skin and keeping it moisturized well enough to prevent acne from forming and the other is preventing and fighting off aging signs.

These two different parts are often combined to form one treatment because they overlap in a way – such as the importance of keeping the skin clean and free of dead cells and excess oil formation; having the skin properly moisturized so it can breathe and fighting dryness that aging causes.

Acne Treatment and Anti Aging

Acne treatment involves a series of maneuvers that basically keep the skin free from dirt. You will observe that people who have oily skin are more prone to acne than those who have dry skin types. This is because the oiliness of the skin attracts dust and dirt which along with the skin's own dead cells block the sweat pores on the skin giving birth to blackheads and whiteheads. The first basic requirement hence is to keep the skin clean and free of excess oil.

It is here that it crosses over to anti aging skin care – for the skin to be clean it needs to be washed with a mild exfoliation agent, cleansed with deep pore milk, and lastly toned with the help of an astringent. Anti aging skin care too needs all these steps before applying any serum or cream that fight aging signs on the skin. This is why the treatment is sometimes referred to as the acne anti aging skin care – since it tackles both the problems at the same time.

Is Acne Anti Aging Skin Care Really Working

Most people find that it does. However, the results with the acne control would be visible much sooner than the reversal of aging signs and hence you should be prepared to wait for this. The earliest you can see a difference in the skin texture and its suppleness would be somewhere around four weeks after you started the treatment.

The acne anti aging skin care is usually best adopted when the skin just started showing signs of aging – such as dryness, fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, enlargement of pores, pigmentation and so on. When you apply the acne anti aging skin care treatment at this time – say at about 35-40 years of age; the results would be dramatically obvious and at the same time it would prevent further deterioration.

The best acne anti aging skin care should start around 25 plus years of age, when the skin has started experiencing internal damage, though not yet visible from the outside. The collagen layer, the pores, and the texture of the skin – everything starts to change about this time. However, the impact would be seen only some five to ten years later.