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Free Group Activities For Anger Management
Counseling Activities For Children With Anger
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Free Group Counseling Activities For Kids
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Adult Anger Management Medication
Group Counseling Curriculum
Free Anger Management Worksheets For Children
Anger Management Group Therapy Teenagers

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Therapy Activities For Teens


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Whether you are a manager overseeing a group of employees or a teacher trying to maintain order in a classroom, anger management group activities may help keep the peace in your working environment. There is no doubt that when a group of people are called on to work together, there are bound to be personality clashes and tensions that can cause tempers to flare. In some cases, individuals may have a hard time controlling those tempers, leading to even bigger problems when those individuals unleash their fury on the rest of the group. That is why anger management group activities can be so helpful in these situations, to teach participants how to keep control of their emotions for better relations all around.

For Children
When organizing anger management group activities for children, facilitators can choose between written activities like worksheets and games that the group can play together. Young children will probably not be able to maintain an attention span for a group discussion, so try to keep the anger management group activities active and fun for as long as possible. In many cases, the children will play the game first, and then the facilitator will ask them how they felt during the game and how they dealt with those feelings. For example, at the end of a board game, the facilitator might ask how children felt when they lost, how they could handle the disappointment and what they could do differently next time. Rewarding children for good sportsmanship or other positive behavior may also be an option.

For Adults
When planning anger management group activities for adults, it sometimes helps to call the event a "team building" activity to paint the game in a positive light. Adults who are coming together specifically for the benefit of learning anger management skills might respond well to discussion time, when the facilitator goes around the room and asks each person if they are angry at any individuals and encourages them to talk through and deal with their feelings. In these situations, the individual with the specific issue can turn to the others in the group for feedback as well, allowing them to vent frustrations and collect constructive ways to work past it. Don't disregard some favorite kids' games for the adults in the anger management group activities either. In some cases, adults will get a kick out of playing children's games and the discussion that goes on after the fact can be much more detailed and age appropriate.

If you are looking for activities to do with a group of children or adults, the Internet is loaded with free anger management activities. You can also hire the services of a professional who is trained in anger management to facilitate your group. Anger management group activities can be the perfect way to head off negative feelings at the pass and create a calmer, more harmonious environment all around.

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