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Free Group Activities For Anger Management
Group Therapy Activities For Kids
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Free Group Therapy Activities
Kids Group Therapy

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Therapy Activities For Teens


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Most of us have seen a two-year-old throw a humdinger temper tantrum, but when those tantrums continue well into the elementary years, it may be time for some anger management strategies. However, teaching kids to control their tempers is much different than talking an adult through the process. Kids can become easily bored talking to a counselor in private sessions, and even group therapy may not be enough to hold their interest. That is why anger management activities for kids are so popular with many psychologists and educators today. Anger management activities for kids can teach children how to keep their emotions in check through fun games that are guaranteed to hold their interest and teach them something important along the way.

Written Activities
Since kids learn how to do worksheets and solve puzzles early in their academic career, similar sheets can be used as anger management activities for kids as well. Educators and psychologists have a slew of these papers that allow kids to learn about managing anger while coloring and completing other types of written activities. The advantage of these types of anger management activities for kids is their versatility; they can work equally well with an individual, a small group or an entire classroom.

Games can also be done one on one or as anger management group activities. There are many games that can be used as anger management activities for kids that might involve role playing or answering questions about correct emotional responses. Children enjoy playing games as a rule, and the right types of games will hold their interest long enough for the adult moderator to get a few anger management principles into the mix. For more information about specific anger management activities for kids in the form of games, parents can talk to a school counselor, teacher or read any number of books on the subject for ideas.

The Classroom
In some cases, anger management activities for kids will involve an entire classroom. In these cases, teacher may moderate the anger management activities for kids as more of a proactive approach to heading off bullying or fighting issues. These activities may also be referred to as "team building" exercises that can work equally well with adults in a professional setting as they do with kids in a classroom.

Parents can make the most out of anger management activities for kids at home; by making sure the children get plenty of exercise to work off their energy and showing them constructive ways to vent their angry feelings. It is also important to model good behavior in managing anger at home, so kids will see and practice the appropriate strategies for keeping anger in check. Anger can be a challenging issue, but the right anger management activities for kids can make all the difference.

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