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Anger Explosion Activities For Kids
Strategies To Help Respond Appropriately To Anger
How To Control Your Anger Problems
Anger Management In Children Time To Walk Away
Therapy Activities For Teens
Anger Explosion
Exercise Classes For Anger
Teen Anger Management And Cognitive Therapy
Anger Management Children Activities
Group Activities For Controlling Anger
Activities For Kids With Temper
Types Of Anger In Kids
Group Lesson Plans For Anger Management For Children
Doe Therapy Help Anger
Role Playing In Anger Management Group Counseling
Emotions Management Activity For Teens
Free Anger Therapy
Fun Activity Ideas For Anger Management Groups
Cooling Off Anger
Group Therapy Topics For Teenagers
Teenage Anger Issue Group Activities
Teen Anger Group Activities
Expert In Child Counseling And Anger
Free Anger Management Games For Adults
Counseling Activities For Teenagers Anger Management
Group Counseling Activities Adults
Anger Management Activities For Adolescent Groups
Activities For Dealing With Anger
Group Exercises On Emotion
Psychotherapeutic Activities For Kids

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Therapy Activities For Teens


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Let's face it: life can be stressful. Deadlines at work; budget problems at home; inconsiderate drivers on the freeway; inattentive workers at the drive-through… on any given day, several different factors can conspire to make you feel like you're about to blow your top. But the fact is, some people are able to see everyday annoyances and inconveniences in perspective, and others aren't. Some people, by their own admission, are "hotheaded," "short-tempered," or otherwise prone to a high, often sudden rush of anger that they have difficulty controlling. For some people, anger management, through psychotherapy or by learning techniques for self-help, can improve quality of life and relationships. For others, new forms of anger management therapy can help them return to living productive lives after their anger has gotten them in trouble with the law.

Anger: It's Not All Bad!

It's important to understand that anger is a normal emotion. In fact, we need some amount of anger in order to function as responsible adults. Anger is a powerfully motivating emotion. It is designed to help us deal with danger, and it can also empower us to protect ourselves or others from real physical, emotional, or other threats. But sometimes, anger becomes counter productive. When sudden or uncontrollable anger begins to affect relationships, employment, or normal functioning in society, psychotherapy for anger management may be necessary.

What Is Anger Management Psychotherapy?

A qualified counselor can use anger management psychotherapy to teach clients how to deal constructively with anger. Usually through cognitive ("talk") therapy, a counselor can help the client understand the causes of anger and begin to develop strategies for channeling or controlling it to keep the emotion within more manageable boundaries. The counselor may direct the client to learn and use relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, mental imaging, meditation, or yoga, to soothe the physiological effects of anger and to "buy time" for more logical processes to come into play. Another tool for anger management is cognitive restructuring, in which the client is coached to replace emotional, irrational thought processes with logical, reasoned ones. By paying careful attention to his or her thinking during moments of anger, then replacing the anger-driven thoughts with more rational ones, the client can learn to better keep a rein on the emotional and physiological processes that can fuel anger to the point of being beyond control. Anger management psychotherapy can give the client the necessary tools to live a better life.

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