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Free Anger Activities For Teens

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Anger is a natural emotion experienced by everyone at some time or the other. Anger is usually evoked when a person is insulted, offended, hurt or provoked. Sometimes, the way anger is expressed becomes a problem. It is good to express anger, else it accumulates, and keeps the person aroused physiologically, leading to health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Anger Management Using Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is used by psychologists to find the alternative ways to think and react to anger. Anger management using cognitive therapy helps people overcome the difficulties by changing the dysfunctional thinking, emotional responses and behavior. Cognitive therapy is an effective approach for psychological treatment. Anger management using cognitive therapy treats people with psychological difficulties, and helps them make change in their thinking. It has proven to be successful and powerful tool for treating anger, and many qualified professionals throughout the world practice it.

Anger management using cognitive therapy makes use of certain techniques such as relaxation and visualization techniques, and these methods allow people to use certain words or images to relax when the anger starts building up. Cognitive therapy helps understand the source of anger, and helps deal with any situation in non-combative manner.

During cognitive therapy, the psychologist assists their patients to become aware of the anger. Then patients are shown the ways to avoid situations that lead to anger. Patients are then taught to identify the causes of anger, and finally, a plan is designed that patients can use to change the way they usually react to others, and avoid the situation that lead to angry behavior.

There is always an opportunity to think before we react. Anger management using cognitive therapy reprograms the emotional brain so that it is able to distinguish between the required response to different situations.

In Addition to anger management using cognitive therapy, there are many other ways to deal with the anger. This includes meditation, doing something physically exerting, finding different ways to soothe and calm yourself, thinking carefully before saying something, not holding the grudge, working with the person who angered you to find the solution to the situation, maintaining an anger log to identify the situation that triggers anger and monitor your reactions, listening to your favorite music, hitting the punch bag when feeling extremely angry and using humor to get rid of tension. All these methods are a form of anger management psychotherapy, and they help you to change the overall lifestyle in order to deal with daily issues related to angry management.

After anger management using cognitive therapy, people feel healthier, with brighter soul and mind. It enables them to think freely, and get rid of negativity from life.

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