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Strategies To Help Respond Appropriately To Anger
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Free Group Therapy Activities


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Being a teacher is hard enough without having to deal with anger management issues. Teaching children with anger management issues is very difficult because they’re constantly acting out and they’re very unpredictable. Some teachers even have to worry about young children throwing desks and other objects at them or even coming up to strike them. It should be revealed to the teacher by the parents that the child is in anger management counseling. If that’s the case, and you know you’re going to be teaching a child with anger management issues, it’s time to prepare so that you’re not experiencing constant anxiety all year round.


When teaching children with anger management issues, preparation is key. You need to know what to do when the child begins to act out or throws a major tantrum. You want to first of all get the child away from the other kids. Put the child out in the hall if you have to but it’s best not to leave the child alone. If you have to, send the child to the principle’s office so that they can be supervised. Otherwise, the child could disrupt other classrooms or could damage things in the hall. You don’t want to create a scene and you don’t want to disrupt the other kids who are trying to do their best to get an education. You also don’t want to show the child acting out too much attention because you’ll only succeed in reinforcing that behavior. So, remember, when teaching children with anger management issues, it’s best to separate the child acting out from the other kids immediately. Then, give them something to do.


Teaching children with anger management problems requires giving them something to do that will take their mind off their anger and will also refocus their energy towards more creative outlets. The activity you give them should be challenging and it should keep their interest. Remember that kids don’t have very long attention spans so give them something challenging to do and let them do it in private as a punishment. Soon, they’ll learn how to control their anger and you’ll no longer have to worry about teaching children with anger management issues.

Get Help

If you still have a problem with one or more kids, however, it may be time to get professional help. Speak to the parents, the principle, and the children themselves and see if you can work something out between all of you. Teaching children with anger management issues is not fair to the other kids so the sooner you get help for the children with issues, the better off it will be for everyone.

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