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Government Grants For Home Electric Energy Windmills

Alternative energy - whether to replace fuels such as coal, or to reduce our reliance on petroleum based fuels; alternative energy is one of the most talked about resources in society today. It is estimated that our natural resources will be completely depleted within the next 150 years. It is because of this that we as a society need to be continuously searching for sources of alternative energy.

The two most common types of alternative energy are wind power, and solar power. Both of these alternative energy sources are harnessed from natural phenomena, and as such are completely free. It is these free sources of alternative energy that we should be pursuing with the most fervency, so that, eventually, energy can be available to all regardless of income. Below we will take a look at these two most common sources of alternative energy.

Wind Power

Wind power, while a free source of alternative energy, would be the most costly type of renewable energy to power our nation. This is largely in part to the fact that we must first place wind turbines across the country, in enough numbers to provide electricity to communities nationwide Ė even in areas where the wind velocity is not as strong. The cost of building enough of these turbines to harness the windís alternative energy would be staggering.

If youíre interested in using wind power as your own source of alternative energy, it is a viable option. Many farms and rural communities use these wind turbines to power themselves. In smaller numbers, the cost of building the turbines pays for itself relatively quickly. But wind energy is only one form of alternative energy. Next, we will look at using solar power as an alternative power source.

Solar Power

Solar power is alternative energy derived from the power of the sun. Solar energy is also completely free, except for the cost of installing the equipment necessary to convert the sunís rays into usable electricity. This equipment is becoming less and less expensive every day, however; and generally ends up paying for itself within the first few years.

The equipment needed to use solar power as an alternative energy source for your home can be bought at virtually any home improvement store, and can usually be installed in just a few hours. If you donít feel comfortable doing it yourself, there are a great number of contractors available who can install your solar panels and generators for you.

Regardless of which type of alternative energy you choose to use in your own home, the fact remains that we must find a renewable source of energy soon, or be at risk of losing the few natural resources we have left to burn. Contact your Congressman today, and ask what is being done to find a good source of alternative energy; and what you can do to help.