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To understand the different types of wind power generators, you must first understand the way a wind power generator works. Although it seems like a highly complicated process, it is actually very simple. Quite simply, wind power generators are giant fans that are turned by the power of the wind. As the fan turns, smaller gears inside the housing are constantly turning to generate electricity. This electricity is then directed into generators and power storage cells where it can be stored until needed.

The biggest downfall of wind power generators, is the fact that they are not feasible in every part of the country. There are a number of areas where the wind does not blow enough, or is inaccessible, that wind power generators can’t really be used without extreme modification.


Windmills are the original version of wind power generators. They were originally developed in Europe, and have been used worldwide to generate energy for homes and farms in many different countries. Windmills are typically powered by four sails, which consist of a wooden framework covered with fabric which catches the wind and turns the sails. Although fairly rudimentary wind power generators, they are still very much in use today in many countries, especially the Netherlands.

The original wind power generators were used primarily to grind grains into flour. This included wheat, corn, and barley. Windmills have come a long way from their original predecessors, and are now widely used to generate electricity in rural areas, and to pump water to farms.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are modern wind power generators, which only vaguely resemble their windmill predecessors. Using the same basic concept as windmills of olde, wind turbines are much sleeker, more efficient, and can be used to create commercial amounts of electricity. These wind power generators look much like a giant pinwheel, with three long blades extending out from the base, that are pointed into the wind via computer.

Turbine type wind power generators are the most practical of all, due to the fact that they can be used in the water as well as on dry land. These wind turbines are often seen offshore, as the wind velocity tends to be much higher on the water than on the land; due to the fact that it will meet with little resistance over such a large expanse of flat surface.

Regardless of which type of wind power generators you prefer, the fact remains that they are an important part of helping to preserve our earth’s natural resources. The wind is a clean, renewable energy source, and wind power generators are a wonderful means of harnessing this powerful alternative energy.

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