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The thought of free electricity is attractive to just about every homeowner and after calculating the costs versus the extended return on investment, home solar power systems are becoming more interesting to many around the world. However, the climate in which they live along with the weather conditions will determine if home solar power systems will work efficiently in a particular location.

About 40 years ago, home solar power systems were being offered in limited areas with limited power producing capabilities. Many individuals used small systems to operate just a few devices such as roof vent fans and a few lights. Today solar powered products can be seen in many places, including walk lights and along the side of the road powering traffic signals and weather stations. They are ideal for remote areas where connecting to the power grid would be too expensive or nearly impossible.

Those choosing to live in remote areas of the country are finding home solar power systems large enough to supply all their electricity needs. Except in area where weather conditions blot out the suns rays, solar power may be the only alternative to move away from primitive living.

Investment Results With No Electric Bill

In true home solar power systems, not connected to the power grid, the initial investment, although high, will offer a pay off in the form of no electric bill. While those connected to the grid are held hostage by higher electric rates, those who use home solar power systems can enjoy a similar lifestyle without the continuing increases in cost.

A system can be configured to supply power on which to operate the entire house, including heating and air conditioning, provided there is enough space for mounting the photovoltaic cells required for the home solar power systems. An average home will use about 1300 kilowatts of power each month and there are several home solar power systems than can produce at least that much for under $20,000.

With these types of home solar power systems the 10-year monthly payments of about $170 would pay off the investment and anything after that would be considered free power. Maintenance costs for home solar power systems are minimal and the same system spread over 20 years will cost under $90 per month. In remote areas off the electric grid, and requiring a smaller system would be considerably less, especially considering the alternatives for supply electric power.

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