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diy hydro power

There are different types of RV solar power systems from which you can choose and it is from this variety that you can find the perfect match for your lifestyle. An important consideration for choosing the right RV solar power system is the size of the RV solar power system. The size of your RV solar power system will determine how much electrical power it can generate and hold in storage.

You will need to know how much energy you use in the RV so that you can choose the correct size power system. You do not want a system that is too large for your needs and neither do you want a system that does not generate enough energy for your lifestyle. You can determine your electrical needs by calculating how much energy you use on a weekly basis and then choose your solar charging and storage units based on your calculations.

Appliances and Daily Use

When you make your calculations, you will consider the voltage of your appliances, Amps, quantity of appliances and hours per day that an appliance is used. For instance, your incandescent lights will probably be 12 volts with 1.5 Amps and you may use at least three light bulbs in different areas that are used so many hours per day.

Same thing applies to your fluorescent bulbs, water pump, TV, fans, furnace, entertainment, refrigerator and any other appliances. You may also need electricity for your laptop, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, blender, satellite and DVD player. Once you have determined how much energy you consume when you are using your RV, you can then figure out the size of your power demand by multiplying the Amps of each appliance by the number of hours it is used each day.

Calculation Of Energy Use

Continue to calculate the power demand for each appliance until you can total the amount of Amps used in a day. Multiply this number by the number of days per week that you use your RV. When you have calculated your typical weekly Amps usage, you can decide which RV solar power system is right for your RV.

If you do your calculations correctly, you will have a RV solar power system that gives you the right amount of solar electricity and storage. Finding the right system to meet your energy needs is easy when you understand your specific requirement. By taking advantage of this important step, you can ensure that you will be happy with your final choice in a RV solar power system.

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