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diy hydro power

Wind power generation is a great source of clean, renewable energy. It is the process of harnessing the power of the wind’s velocity, and turning it into a viable method of generating electricity. Basically, the way wind power generation works, is a large wind turbine, or a modern windmill, catches the wind as it blows. The blades of the turbine turn rather slowly, but as they turn, smaller gears inside the turbine’s housing spin at a much faster rate. As these smaller gears turn, electricity is generated. Usually, it is then funneled into a local power grid, to be distributed into homes in the community.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are the primary equipment necessary for wind power generation. These modern day windmills can be seen in many areas across the country, and across the world, as well. Typically painted a grey color to blend in against the sky, these towers almost always have a three-bladed fan, which is pointed into the wind by a computer.

Wind power generation via wind turbines can be used to produce commercial amount of energy, and is often used in conjunction with other energy producing fuels to power cities across the country. Wind turbines can be found off-shore, as well; as it is much easier to produce wind power generation using the stronger winds that come from across the waters. These winds are stronger due to the large, flat expanse of seas and oceans, which provide little or no resistance to the wind.

Wind Power Generation In Rural Communities

Wind power generation is also being used in rural communities, where it is not possible to have access to the larger commercial energy producers. Rural wind power generation is typically created using smaller and more modern versions of old fashioned windmills.

These rural windmills were originally created to be used in Australia, where the vast expanses of farmland made it virtually impossible for commercial energy sources to reach. They were then used by rural American farmers to pump water and produce wind power generation for electricity in small, rural towns.

Wind power generation is by far the costliest source of renewable energy, simply because of the high cost of building the equipment necessary to convert the wind into usable energy. However, as more research is done, new sources of funding are being found, and progress is being made toward finding a way to make wind power generation available nationwide at a reasonable cost.

If you are interested in using wind power generation for your home or farm, systems can be built rather inexpensively; and instructions for doing so can be found in many places both on and offline.

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