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diy hydro power

One of the biggest advantages to using solar power panels to provide electricity is that they have no moving parts and typically require no maintenance. While the cost of the panels may seem high, remember that once they are connected there is no cost for the electricity being used. There may be a possibility of finding used solar power panels, but most people that have installed them are still using, making the supply of used panels somewhat lean.

Installing solar power panels is also easy as all you have to do is connect them to the battery to charge or to a 12-volt direct current device and set them aiming at the sun. as the sun’s rays pass over the solar cells in the panel, they convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity. This does not imply that you can simply plug your refrigerator into a solar power and keep your food cool there is a little more to using solar power panels than that, but rally not much.

Solar power panels produce 12-volt direct current power and it can be converted into AC power for use with most household appliances. However, when the sun goes down or behind heavy clouds, there is no power being produced. To account for the daily lack of brightness, the power produced by solar power panels is stored in batteries where it can be saved for when the sun is not shining.

Comparing Prices, Sun Is Still Cheaper

The initial cost of installing solar power panels and converting a home to solar power can be an expensive proposition. However, depending on the cost of electric in the area, they can usually pay for themselves in about five years. After that initial investment is paid off, the electricity used in the home is free.

Many areas in the country are far removed from the power grid and the only option for having electricity, prior to the advances in solar power, as by using a generator or, if running water is available, hydroelectric power generation. With the newer solar power panels able to be installed virtually anywhere they can provide clean, quiet power without a lot of fuss for installation.

You can also start small, with the minimum amount of power needed produced by a few solar power panels. As the need for more electric increases, additional solar power panels can be added to help meet the growing power demands.

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