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Diy Hydro Power


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diy hydro power

Micro hydro power is the power created through water flow, and directed into small scale generators for personal use. The concept of micro hydro power is best explained using an old mill water wheel as an example. These old water wheels were used to create energy for the mills they were attached to; using the force of the river’s current to turn them. As the wheel turned, electricity was generated inside the mill. Micro hydro power mills use the exact same concept to generate energy on a much wider scale.

Benefits Of Using Micro Hydro Power

One of the greatest benefits of using micro hydro power, is the fact that it is an extremely cost effective energy source. It is estimated that a small hydro power system can be installed for personal use for about a thousand dollars. If you are looking to build a larger hydro power source, it is possible that you could get the system paid for, if you agree to sell any unused energy to a local power grid.

One of the best parts of using a micro hydro power system, is that it does no damage to the environment. Water is pulled into the system under its own current, and then is released back into the water source from which it can, in the same condition it left. The energy from the water is drawn from the current itself, and the substance of the water is left unchanged.

The most important benefit of using a micro hydro power system is the fact that it can be set up for very little cost in third world countries. As long as a country, or city, is near a water source, electricity can be generated with a hydro power system. Most micro hydro power systems can transport energy up to a mile away from the actual water source.

Drawbacks Of Micro Hydro Power

There are really very few drawbacks to using micro hydro power as a source of alternative energy. The biggest downfall of hydro power, is that it is totally dependent upon a river or stream’s water flow. During the summer months, when water flow is at a minimum, there may not be enough water flow to generate the needed amount of energy.

A second drawback to using micro hydro power, is that the ability to use a hydro power system depends entirely upon your proximity to the water source. Micro hydro power can only be carried a certain distance before it is unusable. This can be as little as a mile, or as far as five miles, depending on the size of your hydro power system.

Micro hydro power may very well be the next generation of renewable energy. The internet has a plethora of information about this alternative energy source that you can use for further research, if you are interested in building your own micro hydro power system.

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