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Histamine Salt


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I would like to introduce you to a natural way to get rid of many of the allergy symptoms that you're experiencing, outside of those that are life-threatening. As a matter of fact, you would probably be surprised to find out that this simple ingredient which is available for any of us is one of the most effective antihistamines that is naturally available. I'm talking about salt, and although many of us only use this particular ingredient in order to enhance the taste of our food, it can also be used to treat a lot of the allergy symptoms that we may experience.

If you would like an example of exactly how effective this can be, I would like you to take note of how you feel after the next time you eat a dinner at a restaurant. More than likely, you will feel an urge to clear your throat or perhaps even blow your nose after eating one of these meals. Although most of us tend to shrug off these feelings, it is actually an allergy that we are experiencing, however slight. Grab a saltshaker off of the table and put a pinch of salt underneath your tongue, allowing it to dissolve. Within just a few minutes, perhaps sometimes even sooner, you will see that the symptoms that you have been experiencing are completely gone.

That is why I always make sure that I carry a small container of natural sea salt with me, anywhere I go. Whenever I experience any type of small allergy, perhaps from pollen or even a slight food allergy, I just pop a little bit of salt underneath my tongue and watch the symptoms quickly disappear. Of course, being severely allergic to certain types of food, I also carry medication in order to save my life if necessary but this small wonder in the form of salt has gone a long way in helping me to stay comfortable.

One thing that I would like to recommend to you if you plan on utilizing this method is to make sure that you use a natural form of sea salt, not common table salt. Although table salt will do in a pinch, it is not something that is healthy for the human body and it has been processed to the point where many of the benefits have been removed from it. If you have a ready access to natural sea salt, it will be what is necessary to get the job done. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 10:31:05 PM