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Histamine Salt

Many of us suffer from airborne allergies, especially during certain times of the year whenever trees or flowers are in bloom. For me personally, I always suffered from Pine allergies and there were times whenever I would look at the pine trees at the end of our yard and it appeared as if a cloud was coming off of them. Although this may be interesting to look at, for those of us that suffer from such airborne allergies, it is a sign that we are going to be in misery. Fortunately, there are a number of different things that you can do in order to overcome these types of allergies.

One thing that you might want to try, and certainly something that would be good for you, regardless of whether you have allergies or not was to run a high quality air filter in your bedroom. When we sleep, we tend to breathe much deeper and the allergens that may be in the air around us are taken into our lungs deeply. They don't even need to reach this area of the body, because if we are bringing them into her nostrils, the body will release histamine in order to fight it. That is the reason why you feel bad whenever you are around these pollutants.

For the same reason, you would want to make sure that your hair was clean before you went to bed every night. Many of the allergens and pollen that is in the air will stick to our hair and during the night, it will come off onto the pillow. As we roll over during the course of the night, we will be breathing these off of the pillow and it can cause some pretty severe allergic reactions. By simply washing your hair thoroughly before going to bed, you can reduce these problems.

There are a number of other things that you can do, such as making sure that you sleep with the window closed and avoiding exposure to these allergens whenever possible. It would also help if you make sure that you drink plenty of water and ate a good diet, because the healthier your body is, the better you will be able to resist difficulties with these allergens. By looking after your general health, along with reducing your exposure to the allergens when possible, you will stand a good chance of getting through this allergy season without too many difficulties.