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Histamine Salt

Most of us are aware of the fact that one of the easiest ways to deal with allergies is to get an air filter. The unfortunate thing is, not all air filters are created equal and there may actually be some that don't really do you much good at all. If you are dealing with allergies regularly, you no doubt will want to know the best filters that are available so that you can take care of the problem to the extent that you are able. Here are a few that I would recommend.

One of the best air filters that you can get is a HEPA filter that will run in your bedroom. Make sure that you don't fall for a gimmicky air filter which claims to be able to take all of the toxins out of the air through some kind of magnetic force. Although it may be able to do a fair job at cleaning a little bit of the environment, it is only by forcing the air through a HEPA filter that you will be able to truly remove most of the toxins and pollen from the room. The fact that you run it in your bedroom will help to keep the air that you are breathing deeply while you're sleeping from causing you too much difficulty.

Another place where you may want to have one of these have air filters installed is on your air conditioner or forced hot air heating system. Most of these will circulate the air through the house, and will do so as long as they are running. By using a HEPA filter on the intake of these units, you will help to clean any airborne allergens that may exist before they enter into the system and are circulated through the house. Make sure that you change the filter regularly, and use a high quality filter, not the least expensive one that you can find.

One final piece of advice that I would give you is to make sure that your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter installed and that it is cleaned regularly. Having a quality vacuum in the home can help to remove many of the allergens from it, by removing them from the carpet in which they tend to collect. If we do not have a filtration system attached to our vacuum cleaner, it will simply blow many of these microscopic organisms back into the atmosphere. Not only will we suffer while we are vacuum in the carpet, we will suffer later because we will be breathing in those allergens continuously.