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There are many of us that regularly suffer as a result of pollen or other toxins that are in the atmosphere. The human body is amazingly made and it is able to fight off foreign bodies that enter into our own body by releasing histamine, which causes our nose to run and may make us sneeze. In the case of pollen, the body may mistakenly react to it whenever it could simply allow it to come and go. The unfortunate thing for us is, it causes a number of different problems, such as sinusitis.

One way for you to be able to combat this problem is to keep your sinuses as clear of pollen as possible. It might be necessary for you to wear a mask during certain times of the year in order to avoid breathing the pollen directly into your nasal passages. Another thing that you can do is to regularly use a neti pot in order to flush the sinuses regularly, and to clear out any pollen which may be present. Many people have found great relief after beginning to do a sinus rinse one or several times every day, especially during times of the year when they typically have problems.

Another thing that you can do, and something that works surprisingly well is to eat hot food which will help to clear the sinuses. I'm not talking about food that is hot as far as the temperature is concerned but rather, food which has a particular spice to it which will cause the nose to run. I'm sure that you've experienced this yourself on many occasions, such as when you eat a lot of horseradish or perhaps hot peppers. This may be enough to help you to clear your nasal passages and to remove the pollen naturally, before too many histamines are released into your system.

Not only does eating hot food such as this have benefits as far as allergies are concerned, it may also benefit your overall health. Whenever you eat these hot foods, the body will naturally produce additional white blood cells and this can assist you in removing disease and other problems from your blood. If you have a taste for this type of food, it would be a good idea for you to include it on a regular basis and to keep some handy, just in case you happen to experience a nasal allergic reaction.

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