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May 29th, 2017

Yuck- Pimple Popping Rules

Creating a routine for clear skin will help during puberty when acne is a problem and will stay with a person as good habits do throughout a lifetime. The first step is getting your personal hygiene products in order. Women should check their makeup and make sure that they are using makeup that does not clog the pores. Clogged pores cause more and more acne. Also, replace the makeup you are using with the type that contains an ingredient that kills the bacteria that causes and contributes to acne. If you are applying moderate amounts of makeup everyday anyway, you might as well be doing your part to kill the bacteria that cause those pesky zits and blackheads. If you are a man, there are facial care products available that don’t clog the skin and contain anti-bacterial agents as well. Many men feel that it isn’t “manly” to use these products, but these products go a long way in treating and preventing acne. This is just one part of your arsenal to protect yourself from acne and keep your face and skin clean and clear.

Also do what you can to avoid dry skin. Avoid products that contain alcohol. While they may kill bacteria, they also dry out skin and can defeat the purpose of your clear skin routine. Instead make sure that the aftershave, perfume or other facial care products that you use are alcohol free and if possible contain a moisturizing agent.

Creating clear skin is only half the battle. Keeping clear skin is also necessary, and one way to do that is to strengthen the whole body, including the immune system. Eat right by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid excess dairy products and especially stay away from process sugar and junk food. Making sure that you put nutritious food inside your body and help assure that the outside of your body, your skin stays clean and clear. It is also wise to avoid fatty foods. Eat lean meats and when you eat bread and pasta, eat the whole gain varieties that are healthier for you. Add a good vitamin or supplement to make sure you get all the vitamins you need. Also add a regular pattern of exercise and you are on your way.

Next, forget that old myth about sunlight curing acne. It is simply not true, and too much sun can harm your skin. Use a sun blocker by wearing a hat. When you go outdoors, wear sunglasses to protect your skin and keep it clear. Make sure that the sun blocker you use does not clog pores. No sense in protecting the skin from the sun by clogging up pores and creating an acne mine field. This can just lead to more frustration and more problems.

Remembering that one of the causes of acne are bacteria, check out topical ointments and washes that contain some of the ingredients known to kill bacteria. These products can help with the problem. Glycolic acid is effective. It helps to keep pores unclogged. Also sulfur unclogs pores and kills bacteria, and it can be used in a facial mask or a lotion that you leave on your skin. Tea tree oil, available at health food stores, kills bacteria and is generally good for clearing up skin and is popular with many people.

If your efforts at keeping your skin clean and clear do not seem to be working then it may be time to get professional health. A dermatologist can prescribe medications that can help. These include oral antibiotics like tetracycline, hormone treatments, and topical anti bacterial ointments. The topical ointments attack the bacteria directly without side effects, and most of them do so without having the bacteria build up a resistance, so they will keep on working as long as you need them.

Keeping your skin clean and clear is a worthy and admirable goal. If you follow common sense and logic and wash your face carefully twice a day, use the proper anti bacterial products, along with exercise and good eating habits, perhaps also coupled with topical ointments to kill the bacteria that causes acne you should be able to keep your skin beautiful