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A Holistic Approach: Herbal Medicine
May 29th, 2017

A Traditional Approach: Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been practices by those in Asian countries for thousands of years. The belief behind Chinese herbal medicine is that the body must be kept in a state of harmony for health to be achieved and that illness occurs when certain energy fields in the body are not kept in harmony. Those who are proponents of herbal medicine claim that the value of the different medicines that are used have many more proofs that they work than the Western medicines that are on the market today since they have been used on a huge variety of individuals, young and old, large and small, and have been proven effective. Some take a more moderate viewpoint and say that herbal medicine should be used in conjunction with modern medicine since some of the herbs and acupuncture techniques are beneficial to patients suffering from various illnesses and diseases.

What It Includes

Herbal medicine does not just include the medications that are given according to each individual's needs. Instead, there are a series of techniques that are used, one of which is the herbal therapy. The other parts of the system to keep the body running smoothly are acupuncture, diet therapy, exercise and managing a person's lifestyle. All of these techniques combine to make a person healthier in every day life, and since their life is more balanced, then they are less likely to get sick.

There are some people, especially in the West who might be concerned about the safety of the herbs that are prescribed for use. However, as mentioned above, these herbs have been used on millions of people through thousands of years, and are still being used by the majority of the Eastern world today. There are some side effects to certain herbs, but these are rare, especially in comparison to the drugs that are manufactured and prescribed today. The drugs that are manufactured are synthetic and are toxic to the body in a lot of ways. The herbal medicines are utilizing what nature has to offer in healing properties and are thus usually safer than what is given through prescription medications.

Since herbal medicine is not widely accepted yet in the West, individuals who are contemplating using these methods should check with their insurance company to see if they cover herbal medicine. If not, an individual could switch to an insurance company that does cover these types of expenses so that he has more freedom of choice in going to the doctor.