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May 29th, 2017

Why You Should Chuck Preconceived Notions about the Perfect Christian Date

Single Christian men are looking for dates just like the rest of the dating world. But what are the differences between most of the mainstream’s ideas of dating as compared to the Christian view of dating? Hollywood seems to have taught us that no matter who you are, you can go out and have sex after the first date, or the third if you are a prude. However, those who are involved in the Christian religion will realize that not only can it pay off to wait to have sex, but this is not what will define how compatible the two people are that are going out on the date together. There are a number of other points that we will go over as we continue to discuss the role that dating plays in the lives of Christian singles, and specifically those men who are involved in the religion and the dating scene. For the most part, you will be dealing with men that want to date women, since we will not that the Christian faith believes that homosexuality is a sin. This does not mean that there are no gay Christian men, or that this type of behavior is inherently wrong and against God’s design, but the religion acts as though this is the case, so we need to focus on what the religion has in store for the men that want to date, and for the most part this is in reference to men that are trying to date women, as opposed to men.

Christians do not believe that the dating scene should involve too much gluttonous behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive smoking or drinking, skimpy clothes, sexual behavior and other immoral operations. This does not mean that the Christian individuals are not permitted to go out and have fun, but the confines to which they must adhere are slightly stricter than many people may be familiar with in their own lives. For example, a nightclub with sexual themes may not be the best place to go, but a small local bar with booths and appetizers might be just the right environment in which the individuals can socialize, if they are over the age of 21, and relax should they so desire.

Single Christian men must also be ready to look out for how to meet women that they would have something in common with. To illustrate, using the nightclub with sexual themes example, this does not seem to line up very well with what the Christian religion would designate as moral. If a single Christian man went to this place in order to find a nice woman who would be able to share his religion with him, odds are that he would be more likely to find girls that did not have as high of moral standards. Not that these women are bad, or anything like that, but they may not be able to share the faith as easily or readily. Maybe there could be a few girls out of 100 that were Christian and there are well, just like the man, but it would be much easier all around for the most part if the man were able to stick to environments that were in line with his own beliefs. Many of the Churches that have been established are able to offer different services to their parishioners, regardless of what their need is. One of the most basic needs is social interact and love. This is why so many have been willing to include dating groups and services, in order to help parishioners to come together for the right reasons.